About us

Jasoro Consulting is a Johannesburg-based development consultancy that offers organizations (for profit, non-profit and governmental) a range of services, with a focus on providing first-rate analysis, inventive and efficient strategy, and cogent communications for effective and innovative policy and programming towards two goals: improved organisational outcomes and sustainable African development.

Jasoro Consulting brings together a dynamic team of consultants with diverse skills, training and expertise; in social and policy analysis, programme development and design, training and facilitation methodology, business and organisational strategy, brand positioning, strategic and development communications, etc., connected by passion and a vision to mainstream sustainable African development in the activities of all institutions and organisations working in and for Africa.









We create identity

It is our belief that a truly prosperous Africa will be one cooperatively shaped by all who live and work within it. Hence, we support a broad range of efforts that add value to a unique and shared development project – be it a government tasked with running the state, a private corporation driving the economy, or a civil society organisation promoting social change, cohesion and advancement.

Simply put, we strive to assist our various clients and partners in transforming their vision into innovative action, for the betterment of all.


At Jasoro, we are proud of our ability to deliver superior insights, innovation and communication solutions to our diverse clientele. We offer: comprehensive policy interpretation and analysis, programme development, training and facilitation, organisational strategy and development communications services across sectors – nationally and internationally.

Like most of our clients, we appreciate and recognise the value of thorough research and analysis, thoughtful and strategic action, and clear and cogent communication. Our strategy and services can be grouped into three key categories as expounded below:


through the provision of quality and comprehensive issue and situational analysis of socio-political and economic challenges and opportunities for Africa’s development

o Policy analysis
o Social and economic trends and insights
o Political Risk management


by devising novel approaches to programming and problem solving for organisations, businesses and countries seeking to work in meaningful and impactful ways

o Facilitation and training methodologies
o Organisational strategies
o Programme development and design


by developing clear and concise communication tools and strategies for enhanced knowledge sharing, thought leadership and brand positioning

o Brand positioning and design
o Concept and report writing
o Thought leadership writing
o Copywriting and editing (academic/non-academic)


Approach to Development

Jasoro Consulting believes that development is progress that prioritises people through an understanding of the power dynamics and processes that enable or limit the potential for change.